Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickoff - K.O.L.M.

Too much of my time is spent on gaming, I figured it would be only healthy to waste some of that time writing about it instead. Enter this blog. Here I'll talk of games I have played or have been playing, mostly games from independent developers and other lesser known entries.

Picture of the game KOLM

To kick things off in the right way I'll end this first post pointing you in the direction of K.O.L.M., a short action-adventure flash game (it's Kind Of Like Metroid) about a robot trying to please his ominous mother. What really stands out about KOLM is it's melancholic atmosphere, which is no doubt in good part due to the amazing music by Ockeroid accompanying it all the way through. In spite of being short and relatively simple the game is very entertaining and the atmosphere so immersive that sooner or later I always find myself coming back to it, hope you enjoy it!

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